What is the partner program?

We work with partner companies in the creative and marketing space who refer clients to us where they identify the need for a Clear Sales Message.
If you’ve had an unclear client brief or experienced a delay in proceeding whilst you wait for direction from the client then this is an indicator that they need a Clear Sales Message.

Why join the program?


✅ Added value for you – avoid the delays and frustrations of unclear briefs.

✅ Added value for your client – access to specialist sales messaging consultancy,

✅ Additional revenue for your business- we pay you 20% of the invoiced amount.

How does it work?


🔎 You identify a potential client and refer them to us.

💬 We speak with them to see if we can help.

💷 If they choose to work with us, we pay you a referral fee as a thank you.

What will you earn?

For every client that you refer to us, we will pay you 20% of the invoiced work we carry out for them.

We offer fixed price consulting and packages which can be found here:

What do our partners say?


“As a design and marketing agency we are often well-placed to identify when a client’s value proposition/sales message for marketing or brand needs refining. We have found working with Clear Sales Message bridges this gap for our clients in a succinct and clear way, allowing us to move ahead with clear design and communications. It also generates additional revenue for our business.”


“Working with Clear Sales Message generates additional revenue for us, but more importantly, it allows us to add real value to our clients which strengthens our relationships and reputation.”

What do our clients say?

“Amazing, just amazing. James managed to focus what our business was about into three simple words. That is a very, very clear message. Customers and prospects can now see clearly what we do.”

“James is exceptional in what he does. He listens, takes everything in, and comes back to you with exactly what you have been trying to write for years! We wanted to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace and present a strong and clear offering to our clients and this is exactly what was delivered.” 

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