What return on investment can you expect from

having a Clear Sales Message?


I often get asked the return on investment by clients looking to establish a Clear Sales Message.

And rightly so, any investment in consultancy for your business needs to be worth more the time and money invested.

However many success stories you may see, how can you understand what impact a Clear Sales Message might have for you and your business?


“Not all ROI is tangible, but that doesn’t mean it has no value.”


Due to the nature of Clear Sales Message, it can be difficult to calculate a precise ROI because it depends on a number of factors, but the principle of having a CLEAR, engaging and differentiated offering are a valuable asset to your business and the first stage in the sales process.

You know the details for your own business, so ask yourself the financial impacts of:

  • Engaging more clients with a relevant message.
  • Closing more clients with a confident and differentiated proposition.
  • Creating a new powerful marketing initiative with a strong call to action.
  • Training and empowering your sales staff with a tangible means of communicating value.
  • Maximising EVERY communication to sell.


What could 1 extra sale mean to you this year, or 2 or 3 or 10?  And the year after that.. and so forth.


What might you spend on advertising this year? What is your advertising ROI?

The fact is a Clear Sales Message is the first step in the sales process and if it lacks engagement it can affect everything else.

It’s a one time investment in ensuring that your marketing and communication is as engaging and clear as possible.

Advertising ROI is completely reliant on a Clear Sales Message, remember:


“You can’t out market a poor sales message.”


Whilst there are no guarantees in the work we do – I am always wary personally of “triple your sales” type claims – there are a number of tangible benefits to clarifying your sales messaging which drive the overall sales performance.

Certainly one of the most tangible benefits would be having the confidence and collateral to effectively present your offering with prospects and ask for the business.


“The value proposition work has allowed us to confidently explain to potential clients who are not yet aware of the power of branded video. The simple and memorable REC system created for us also now forms part of our presentations and marketing collateral.” 

Peter Fergusson Nemorin Creative Film & Video


“There are few guaranteed investments in business. Clear Sales Message is a great investment with proven return on investment.”

Lou Swaine, (hug)London.


Despite ROI being difficult to calculate, a Clear Sales Message has a sizeable impact on sales because it simplifies the offering to both salesperson and client alike.

It works to establish the path of least resistance between buyer and seller, to handle objections, consider


“Remember: if they don’t understand it, they cant buy it.”


There are in four core advantages to taking the time to develop a Clear Sales Message:

  1. Confidence
  2. Clarity
  3. Connection
  4. Conversion


The principles of having a Clear Sales Message are the same for all companies in all industries.

The results and return on investment vary and are tailored to each client. Whilst it’s difficult to measure ROI there is no question that a Clear Sales Message is the first step in the sale process and an effective tool in your sales arsenal.

From creating tag lines, naming products and services, creating selling structure and looking at common objections, the precise needs of your business will dictate the sales message and the resultant ROI.

If you want to engage more clients and have an established and differentiated offering then please contact us.


The £97K Clear Sales Message

Meet Maurizio Ferraiolo.

When he began his hospitality consultancy back in 2016, Maurizio was entering the marketplace as an experienced and highly skilled chef and member of the hospitality industry.

Looking to consult and capitalise on his experience and contacts, he had established his company Aston Hospitality Experts, named after his son.

Sales in the first year were slow for Maurizio; as they are for any new business and he approached us to clarify his sales messaging on a personal recommendation.

The first thing we did was clarify his offering. Maurizio promoted a “one stop shop” approach in the marketplace but unfortunately it lacked engagement as potential clients are looking to satisfy their particular needs and not for a generalised supplier.

The quality of Maurizio’s offering, his credentials and experience were second to none – but its how he was communicating about his offering that was hindering sales activity.

Working with Maurizio in a short time frame we were able to examine his offering and make recommendations and take action to remove potential barriers to making the sale.

  • Established core offering.
  • Established differentiators.
  • Created a tagline.
  • Changed domain name to expertsinhospitality.com
  • Provided sales copy.
  • 121 sessions with Maurizio on the psychology of sales and messaging.

As a result of the work completed, Maurizio was able to secure £97k worth of business which he credits nearly entirely to having established is Clear Sales Message.

“Working with James allowed us to focus our offering from a “one stop shop” approach to being very specific about the value that we bring and where our expertise lies. On James’ advice, we relocated to a new, more relatable domain and created email signatures and sales collateral to reinforce our new focussed approach.”

Maurizio.  Aston Hospitality Experts.