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What is it?

Whenever I see a word or anything other than an actual quotation “in speech marks”, it basically tells me to be suspicious of whatever is in the speech marks.


Why does it work?

It works to make people suspicious, because the speech marks are basically saying – we’re not confident about this, so we’ll use the word, but maybe it’s not accurate…

For example, in this image we”fix” Hondas makes me think they won’t be fixed, there might be some issue….

If this simply said “we fix Hondas” – there would be no real issue.


How can you use it?

I’m aware that most of the time this issue is a result of poor translation or not understanding English grammar, but whatever the reason, the impact and inference remains.

If you want people to be unsure of you and if you want to deter buyers, then use speech marks to highlight certain “words” to make your buyer think twice.

“You’re welcome”.



There are literally “hundreds” of examples on the internet…



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