The Compatibility Effect

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What is it?

The Compatibility Effect is all about communicating how your offering is compatible with the people, equipment and existing resources your buyer has.


Why does it work?

It works because it removes the unknowns and helps your buyer to understand how your offering will integrate into their existing situation. Your buyer will want to know if your offering is compatible with their XYZ so it makes sense for you to clearly and boldly communicate this.


How can you use it?

Does your product or service have to integrate with other things your buyer has or does? Think about how your buyer uses your product or service and understand where they might have questions or hesitation re: compatibility. Literally imagine them unboxing your product or having a first use of your service – what else is required to ensure they get the result they want? Does your offering integrate with that? Is that integration worthy of note?



This adaptor shows images of the consoles/tech it works with and the technology/ports it’s compatible with.



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