The Four Agreements

What is it?

The Four Agreements are both a book and a set of simple principles by which you can live your life.

Why does it work?

These simple principles work well for the sales environment as they address areas such as honesty, integrity and the pursuit of improvement (kaizen). As the rules are so simple, they are easy to remember, engage with and implement.

How can you use it?

Keeping these Agreements to hand will remind you to stay on the right path with your sales messages. Make no assumptions, retain your integrity and give everything your best.


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84 ways to reach, engage and convert people to buy using psychology, science and common sense.

In the book we cover:

How people work – 18 factors that affect client behaviour.

Selling Communication Basics – 12 ways to communicate more clearly.

How to get attention – 18 ways to stand out and be noticed.

How to engage – 27 ways to engage potential buyers.

How to convert – 10 ways to convert prospects to buyers.

Everything in the book works and is backed by psychology, science, common sense and my own testing.

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