The Goal Effect

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What is it?

If you want people to do something, then creating a target or goal and sharing it with them encourages cooperation and the reciprocation of your goodwill.

Why does it work?

It works because of reciprocity and maybe a little guilt… Let me show you an example:


1 – Can you write me a Linkedin recommendation please?

2 – Can you help? I’m trying to hit 500 Linkedin recommendations so would appreciate if you could.


One of those has no consequence for you not leaving a review… The other does have a negative consequence (for me) if you don’t do it. The hope is that I’ve provided what’s necessary so you choose to help and not let me down…

But notice how the mention of a goal changes the dynamic completely. THIS is the point.

How can you use it?

The main example for me is to set a target for the number of client reviews you are looking to get. When requesting the review, mention the goal and you should get a better response – I did this to achieve 500 LinkedIn recommendations:

You can set a target for almost anything (except perhaps – “we’re trying to make £xxx this year”)


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