The Heritage Effect

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What is it?

The Heritage Effect is about using the history and origins of your offering to your advantage.


Why does it work?

Businesses with a long history are perceived as more stable and reliable which can be a great selling point and differentiator (The Established Effect). The Heritage Effect looks not only at your history, but what that means for your buyers.Have you been developing and refining what you do for many years? did you invent something in your space or define your industry? Whilst you don’t need to be the first or best, a compelling story surrounding the company or offering can help to engage potential buyers.


How can you use it?

Depending on your business and your offering, is there anything in your heritage and history that would be of interest to potential buyers? Did you create, refine or invent something new? Did you pioneer a new way of working in your industry? What have you achieved in the past that would have an impact on the buying decisions of your present clients?


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