The Honesty Effect

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What is it?

The Honesty Effect involves being up front, open and honest with clients at all times – especially surrounding your flaws and shortcomings.


Why does it work?

If someone is honest with us and shares their imperfection we are more likely to be endeared to them and to trust them. If you have obvious faults and flaws that will be discovered anyway it’s best to get them into the open and out of the way rather than hoping they might go un-noticed.


How can you use it?

In your sales pitches and sales copy you can mention minor flaws and imperfections and then counter them with the positive. So for example your delivery times might be slightly higher than average but every parcel is delivered when it’s stated to be there and everything is insured and tracked. By being honest up front you have the opportunity to diffuse any potential negative situations than if (in this instance) the parcel was unexpectedly late the client complains and you are on the back foot.

The hire car company Avis actually turned this to their advantage with their “we try harder” campaign as they were the number 2 hire car provider in the world.


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