The Strategic Delay

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What is it?

The Strategic Delay is all about separating out your communication with a client to create another “point of contact”. So rather than speaking or emailing with someone multiple times in the same day, we spread out the communication.  If you speak with or email someone on two separate occasions, instead of all in the same day, it can help you to stay in mind over a longer period of time.

Why does it work?

It works because it creates “another point of contact” – rather than thanking the person or sending them the info they need on the same day you spoke – where your contact level with that person is already high, it creates “another point of contact” which brings you back to the forefront of their mind and gives you more exposure – without having to create an excuse or reason to check in with them again.

The reality is that we start to forget things as our focus shifts and we move from call to call and task to task. If I ask you to send me something and you send it then that’s that and I will start to forget.

If I ask you to send it and then there is a delay and you send it, I’m reminded of you and your offering as you’ve created another point of contact with me – but without the need to actually follow me up.

This approach is all about being remembered and being front of mind for as long as possible.


How can you use it?

The next time you meet a new contact for the first time or have an encounter consider delaying your follow up or thank you communication to them by 24hrs to get all the benefit of following them up, but without any of the pressure or bad feeling that you are “chasing”.


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