The Too Good To Be True Effect

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What is it?

Ironically, you can make your offering “too” attractive and deter buyers who are suspicious of where the “catch” may be.


Why does it work?

It works because most people are naturally skeptical of good deals and things that appear to be free… we’re looking for the catch or where we may be taken advantage of… but we are unlikely to voice these concerns in the moment.


How can you use it?

The main way to tackle this issue is to embrace it with honesty and to explain a little of behind the scenes.


Time -Explain why it’s so quick and how it’s possible. Perhaps it’s quicker because you have removed something.

Money – Explain why your offer is “free” (cost neutral) or explain how you get paid if not directly by the customer.

Effort – Explain how little time your buyer has to commit and why that is the case.


See also:



SkyScanner make it clear that although their service is free to use – there are no additional costs/fees which implies the airlines pay them a commission for each deal.





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