When you understand your buyer, you understand how to sell.

“Selling” is often feared, misunderstood, or considered to be an unnatural thing to do.

The reality is that in the selling environment you are only ever selling to people.

And don’t forget that people are not only imperfect and impulse driven, they are ruled by their emotions sometimes more than logic.

You should know- you’re a person too!

One of the main things this book addresses is the stigma and poor connotations around selling. Selling is simply a conversation that at some point involves money.

If they don’t understand it, they can’t buy it.

But if you don’t understand them. You can’t sell it.

Having a Clear Sales Message makes it easier to engage your potential client as they understand what you offer and what that means to them, but unless you understand your potential buyer you will only get so far.

In this book we look at over 80 different factors that can not only affect the sale, but also govern how your potential clients make decisions and absorb the information you present to them

Some of the factors include…..

A reference tool to help you.

There are many books about “how to sell” but very few give you a “cheat sheet” of factors that help you to understand just who you are dealing with and what to do for the best.

The book is structured around what you are trying to achieve:

  • How people work – The science part of how people communicate.
  • Selling communication basics – The basic best practice for any sales communications.
  • How to seize attention – Seizing attention is the first hurdle to overcome.
  • How to engage – Once you have attention, you need to engage that person.
  • How to convert – Once engaged you need to convert that attention towards a sale.

This book is a reference to be kept at hand for every sales call, conversation and email you will ever have.

Perfect for calls, emails, adverts, websites and more..

When you understand your buyer better, you can then tweak your sales communications to maximise your engagement and ensure you are doing all you can to convert prospects into a sale.

Many of these factors are in fact used in our Email CourseEmailKit. How to get your emails noticed, read and responded to.

When you understand better how your buyer works, you can apply these factors across any and all of your communications.

Knowledge is power.

It’s time to power up…