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What is it?

An Action Phrase is an action focused phrase you can use to empower people to do something specific.


Why does it work?

It works because any kind of soundbite, rhyme or anything mellifluous naturally carries weight and is easy to recall and repeat. When something is easy to recall and repeat (or even enjoyable to say or hear) it means the phrase is likely to be used in conversation and as an instruction to others. Eat Fresh anyone?


How can you use it?

Think about the action you want your buyers to take or the action your offering allows them to take and then see if you can reduce this to a short, snappy, action focussed phrase. Please note – an action phrase is more focussed on mindset and how you approach things, whereas a call to action (CTA) is focussed on literally how someone can buy from you.

Examples might include:


Buy Different
Book Responsibly
Dress Comfortably
Eat Simply
Drive Respectfully
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