Bespoke Wine Collection


The client:

Created by Ksenia Karpenko, one of the world’s top sommeliers; Bespoke Wine Collection is a unique sommelier curated gift to celebrate life’s special moments with wine.

The brief:

With an incredible history in the world of wine and such a unique value proposition, Ksenia wanted to create a Clear Sales Message that would explain and differentiate her concept.

The delivery:

Capturing the dual benefit of using the wine as an investment as well as a special gift and something to be savoured was the main challenge when working with Ksenia.

We developed 24 potential taglines and decided upon:

“A liquid investment to save or serve.”

Other strong contenders were:

“Pairing wines with life.”

“For richer. For pourer.”

With the tagline created, we then looked to explaining the all important “what do you do?” question. The most basic and clearest explanation of Bespoke Wine Collection is this:

“We offer curated wine gifts for investment and enjoyment.”

We then developed the word “GRAPE” into an acrostic which explains contextually how Ksenia works and what to expect:

Get to know everything about the person receiving the gift. We then

Relate that into our choice of grapes and vintages. We have

Access to exclusive vineyards to ensure the highest quality. We then

Pick the perfect wines that reflect the personality of the recipient. The whole

Experience is documented in a beautiful bound book.

Using an acrostic allows a seemingly large amount of information to be recalled and relayed logically and with ease.

The feedback:

“ Insert quote here.”