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What is it?

An acrostic is a word where each letter stands for something. They differ from acronyms in that they spell a word rather than just being a collection of letters (such as PHD).


Why does it work?

Being memorable is a fundamental issue in sales messaging. Acrostics allow lots of information to be collated together and recalled logically and sequentially. It also allows the same message to be recalled every time with little to no divergence


How can you use it?

Acrostics work externally, but are best suited internally for sales teams to be able to explain the nature of the business and to ensure the message is the same from every member of staff. An example here would be this client who works in the commercial property space and use the acronym “LEASE” – which is a meaningful word for them – to explain what they do.



The word CLEAR from Clear Sales Message™  is an acrostic which describes the 5 main characteristics of what it means to be CLEAR.


12 Wordplay techniques to capture attention:

  1. Acrostic
  2. Alliteration
  3. A​mbigram
  4. Anaphora
  5. Assonance
  6. Calligram
  7. Consonance
  8. Neologism
  9. Rhyme
  10. Mesostic
  11. Epistrophe
  12. Homophone


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