Best Seller Fallacy

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What is it?

When you hear someone referring to themselves as a “best selling author” all is not as it seems…


Why does it work?

Since Amazon allowed people to publish their own books, it’s been possible to attain “best seller status” on Amazon. As such, many a “guru” and expert have used this in their marketing – despite their obvious lack of audience/ reach.

This is because they are often a “best seller” in their particular category on Amazon and to achieve this could mean selling as few as 5-10 books to get the “best seller” badge and the all important screen shot of it…


How can you use it?

If you want people to think you believe  your own hype then read on.

Being an “Amazon Best Seller” was maybe at some point a significant marker, but EVERYONE seems to hold this title and thus the lustre has gone.

If you find yourself using this in your communications and you aren’t a TRUE best seller (3500 books a day) then it might be better to focus on another message to attract buyers who know what you’re upto…



Best Seller status is a relative accolade, depending on which category you are in. Brent Underwood famously published a pointless book in an obscure category and immediately became a “best seller”…


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