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What is it?

Social proof and reviews are important for reassuring potential buyers they are making the right decision. Sometimes people buy fake reviews, review themselves, or get their loved ones to help out to give the impression they provide a great product or service… when perhaps they don’t…

Why does it work?

It works to push people away because you can spot fake reviews a mile off and if we have even the slightest hint of being taken advantage of or lied to, it can mean not only are we unlikely to buy, but we may also tell others of our experience to warn them.

The reviews are often very short, not detailed and lacking in any kind of personality. For an added bonus some overseas fake review companies have terrible grammar and spelling too. Whilst these kind of tactic may have worked in the earlier days of the internet, buyers are much more aware now and much more cautious…

How can you use it?

If you want to repel potential buyers and artificially inflate how good your offering is, then consider getting your friends and family to cut and paste the lovely things you’ve said…. about yourself. There are lots of companies out there who are more than happy to leave you a fake review (or 500) so might as well get as many as possible…. right?



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