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What is it?

When someone likes A MILLION of your posts… it’s nearly always a warning sign that you have an incoming pitch.

Why does it work?

People are susceptible to flattery, I get it, but when a stranger likes 30 Instagram posts in quick succession and then follows me and DMs me compliments… I nearly always brace for the pitch slap.

How can you use it?

If you want people to be suspicious of your intentions, or to ignore your connection request/DMs, then shower them in likes and lead with flattery. It’s a big red flag, especially for those of us who get this kind of nonsense on a DAILY basis.

If you want to connect with people, you have to GENUINELY interact with them, leaving thoughtful comments over a period of time.

If you spam like 100 posts in 2 minutes, it just tells me you’re going through the motions as someone told you this is how to do it. (it’s not..)



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