Misleading Numbers

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What is it?

Not everything is as it seems, sometimes people use misleading numbers – often percentages – to make something more impressive than perhaps it actually is.


Why does it work?

Unlike big numbers, where we reframe something to get the most impressive/relatable number possible, misleading numbers are often percentages which are used to mask reality.

For example.

I help a client go from selling £1 per day to £100 per day.

That’s a 100x increase in what they sell… but it’s still not a lot of money.

By talking about the % I can make something quite small sound quite impressive.


How can you use it?

If you want to mislead your buyers and pretend you get better results than you do, feel free to convert any increases into percentages to make them sound better than they are.

Just don’t forget that when you lie… people nearly always find out. They just don’t tell you they found out.


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