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What is it?

Physically visiting potential buyers rather than just cold emailing or calling them can, depending on your industry, make all the difference.


Why does it work?

It works because in person, its so much easier to create rapport and trust that on email or by phone. If you are physically visiting someone, it’s a sign that you are dedicating time and energy to them – not simply cutting and pasting a million messages…


How can you use it?

When it comes to cold visits, there are 2 ways to approach it and, of course it only applies to b2b buyers:


1- Visit your precisely targeted buyers having first completed your homework.

2- Speak to your work “neighbours” and seek out office buildings and co-working spaces where you can find lots of businesses in one physical location.



Door to door fundraising and political canvassing are examples of this in action- speaking in person and physically meeting them has an impact like no other.



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