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What is it?

FOMO is the Fear of Missing Out. It’s the thought that others around us may have access to information, experiences or resources that we don’t.


Why does it work?

It works because it appeals to nearly all of the four basic drivers. We don’t want to miss opportunities to learn, grow, connect, prosper and so when that happens – or when we feel that has happened – we experience FOMO which then spurs us to act.

This is why you check your phone and email 100+ times a day. The thought of “missing out” on a new email or status update as it comes in is enough motivation to keep us checking continually when it’s a waste of time.


How can you use it?

In the world of sales, the most basic form of FOMO is to describe people that have benefited from your product or service and “alienate” the person reading the article as they aren’t the same.

If you can be really specific and create an information gap then FOMO becomes even more intense.

That’s why the 27 people that downloaded this ebook now make that extra £1k per month.


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