The Four Basic Drivers



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What is it?

There are lots of conflicting thoughts on human motivation and what drives us to act. For the purposes of sales messaging and interacting with potential clients, there are 4 basic drivers that govern the decisions and actions your potential clients may take.


Why does it work?

If these were email titles would they appeal to you?

  1. How to make another £1,000 this month in your spare time.
  2. Learn how to meet your perfect partner.
  3. 12 ways you can improve your life, health and career
  4. Protect your email account now with the ultimate password creation tool.

Each of those email titles is focussed towards a basic driver. Its true that we are all driven by these elements at different points, so it comes down to knowing your target audience to get the best effect.


How can you use it?

Whatever your message, wherever it appears, remember that to engage with a potential client, you need to appeal to one of the 4 basic drivers. This website and even this page appeals to you because of one of the basic drivers – learning. By providing you with this basic information, you are satiating your need to learn and that’s why you engaged with it and read to the end 😉


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