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What is it?

Making your potential clients feel obligated to respond to you or to do anything is just plain wrong. If you emailed me and I didn’t respond, I’m not being rude – I’m just not interested.

Why does it work?

My clients, students and even myself have received emails where a cold outreach has turned sour because the recipient “hasn’t had the manners to respond”.  What’s happening here is the person making the outreach is becoming frustrated at their lack of progress and is seeking to take this out on the “rudeness” of the people who are ignoring them.

Although I can understand this, I can’t condone it. You can’t expect to build a strong relationship with anyone on a foundation of resentment and obligation.

If someone doesn’t respond, move on. Don’t chase them, replace them.


How can you use it?

However stressed you are or however offended you feel, if you take out your frustrations on your potential buyers then it’s a short cut to destroying any opportunity with them. If someone is ignoring your advances, they probably aren’t interested and that’s ok. Take your energy and place it into finding new potential clients and opening new conversations – not being rude to the people who have chosen not to respond.


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