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What is it?

Perspective benefit is all about considering the perspective of people close to the buyer and how their thoughts/actions and words will change as a result of your product or service.

Why does it work?

It works because it considers what matters to your buyer and often it’s the opinion of others. By bringing to light how others will think and feel or what they may say, it can remind the buyer of the true benefit of your product or service.

How can you use it?

Consider who matters to your buyer; Is it their partner/children/colleagues/competitors?

Consider, an an ideal world, the lovely things these people will say and think about your buyer and then use it in your messaging.

For example:

A – Feel great with a 6 pack.

B – Attract compliments from strangers at the beach.


They are both motivators for someone to get a 6 pack, but the perspective benefit of strangers at the beach could be more powerful as it appeals to the vanity of your buyer and the “real” reason they want a 6 pack which might well be to attract a partner, or get admiring looks at the beach.


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