Perspective is everything.


The lines in this picture are in fact all perfectly straight, but they appear to be “wonky”.

The reason? Perspective.

How we see something isn’t necessarily how it is, but how your clients see you – whether they are “right” or not is all that matters.

What is it?

Perspective is everything when it comes to sales messaging. Not everything is as it seems. The context of the product or service, the need for it and how it’s communicated can make all the difference.

Why does it work?

Depending on how you “frame” something and in what context it is seen, we can think and feel differently towards it. A £6 jar of coffee might feel expensive, but compared to £3 a cup of coffee at Starbucks – it’s great value.



How can you use it?

Using Equivalence and recognising how your clients perceive what you do will allow you communicate in a more effective and engaging way.


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