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What is it?

Equivalence is when you compare one thing to another in order to develop a greater understanding. If you had a mobile hairdressing company that visits clients in their homes and can be booked upon request, you might describe it as “the UBER of hairdressing” to allow us to understand how it works.


Why does it work?

It works because it connects the familiar things we know – UBER in this example, with something new – hairdressers that visit us. The greater level of understanding increases the likelihood of engagement with our client, because if they don’t understand it they can’t buy it.


How can you use it?

If you have a new concept, product or idea, then comparing it’s features to something familiar such as UBER will give you an edge when explaining.

Similarly if you need to explain the cost of something you can provide equivalent examples such as “the same as a cup of coffee per day” to place the price in a new context and encourage the prospect to see the true value you are offering.



This advert promotes this drink by comparing it to cola, but taking a health angle (is that possible?) At least you understand what the drink would taste like which could be a hurdle for buyers to overcome.



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