Sales Training

Sell the destination. Not the journey

Sales Training can often be ineffective and out-dated, containing “perfect world” theory that has little application in the real world selling environment.

Our sales training is tailored to your company and your offering.

Whilst we do adhere to some core principles and subject matter, the training we deliver is different every time to maximise it’s relevance and application amongst your sales team.

You might need this if..

  • You have a sales team and want to provide them focus and direction.
  • You are acquiring new sales staff and want them to all sell in the same way.

What you get 

Depending on your requirement, we work in 2-3 hour slots on your premises with your team.

The training provides real world insight, actionable techniques and methodologies that can be implemented immediately.

It’s also a chance for your team to come together and share their success and frustrations, working together to shape how they approach the sales process to maximise their success.

We cover the following areas:

Foundation The basics of effective sales communication
Psychology Looking at the fundamental psychology of selling.
Messaging Understanding the messaging that has been created
Issue handling Dealing with pressing sales issues as raised by the team.
Client Research Understanding your clients and their motivations
Differentiators Understanding where your offering sits in the marketplace

Why you’d need it

Ensuring your sales team have a clear and effective understanding of how to interact with clients and sell your offering can make or break your business. An effective sales team is motivated and well rewarded, leading to higher performance, whereas an ineffective sales team will continue their pattern of mistakes and behaviour until otherwise corrected.

Communicating with your clients in an engaging and commercially focussed way is at the heart of all we do. Adhering to the principles of creating CLEAR content and the 7 questions your clients will be considering, we ensure that every part of our sales training is focussed on engaging and converting clients.

We also consider the numerous psychological factors that influence your buyers’ behaviour.