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What is it?

Showrooming is the art of checking things out physically in a shop and then buying them online at a lower price.

Why does it work?

It works because as buyers we are price driven, despite holding the product we want in our hands, we’re often happy to wait if we can save some money.

How can you use it?

If you sell physical products in a store, you will be aware of Show-rooming and how it can affect your sales. There are a number of ways you can seek to overcome it:

  • Go niche – Become the specialist for your niche rather than a generalist supplier.
  • Go unique – Can you offer unique things that can’t be purchased online?
  • Promote service – Some people prefer a personalised, humanised service over faceless online transactions.
  • Price match – It’s dangerous, but it works. Could you price match the online retailers?
  • Promote impatience – Buying online is cheaper, but it involves waiting. Promote the immediate gratification of buying in store and having the thing right now.



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