The Christmas Effect

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What is it?

The Christmas Effect occurs when you tailor your offering in some way to make it more relevant to the Christmas season.


Why does it work?

It works because at Christmas all we talk about is Christmas. (Starting November and ending promptly at midnight on Christmas Day…)

Even the most pedestrian of products or services can be repackaged in a festive way to garner attention and make the most of the holiday season. The Christmas Effect is in fact The Timely Effect, but as Christmas is such a universally celebrated holiday and so commercially focussed, it deserves to be an Effect in it’s own right… it is Christmas after all…..


How can you use it?

Can you repackage your offering as a gift? Can you align your offering to Christmas itself? Can you add festive decorations to your messaging or social media posts?

Injecting Christmas into any area of your offering can capture interest and help you to ride on the crest of the Christmas wave.

By December 26th it will all be over so make hay while the snow shines..


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