The Coat of Arms Effect


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What is it?

If you want to communicate higher quality or have a long established brand, then a coat of arms is a great way to seize the attention of potential buyers.


Why does it work?

It works because coats of arms, crests and shields are not modern day things. Their presence (even if we know the brand isn’t very old) speaks to a history and a level of quality that can reassure us and help make a better buying decision.


How can you use it?

When it comes to creating your coat of arms, there are only two options:

1 – Find your family name coat of arms – A quick Google Search will help you to find (if available) the crest or coat of arms that belongs to your family name.

Here is the NEWELL one, for example:

2 – Create a new one from scratch – If yours doesn’t exist or… you don’t like it, then there are a number of websites out there that will allow you to build your own from scratch.



This company have created their own simplified coat of arms to be similar to the school logos they embroider onto the uniforms they supply.



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