The Cropped Effect

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What is it?

Inspired by an early “Clear Sales Mess” I had in the early days of my business – it’s important to be aware of what your messaging looks like and if it’s cropped or distorted in any way.

Why does it work?

It works to annoy and deter potential clients because they literally don’t get the message. If you’re not aware of how your imagery or text is cropped on social media (or in real life as per my example) then you run the risk of confusing people or just not making your point. (That’s why it’s important to lead with what matters)

How can you use it?

Social media is the common culprit here. Be mindful of not just character limits, but how and where things display. For example an email title on a mobile will be different from an email title on a tablet. Your LinkedIn headline on a desktop might be fine, but on a mobile it might be very different.

The only way to truly know is to test where possible. If your buyers don’t even see your message, you’ve already lost.



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