The Did You Know? Effect

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What is it?

The Did You Know? Effect is all about sharing interesting facts and figures with your potential buyers as a theme for your communication.

Why does it work?

It works because it leans on information gaps and our natural curiosity. If you have interesting or educational information to share with clients, then it can be a great theme for communicating with them (especially if you are following up) as it’s all about leading with value. Too many communications are themed around selling or chasing, so why not have some fun, make it interesting and move away from money for a moment?


How can you use it?

Depending on your offering, what interesting facts and figures could you share? They could be about your industry, your product, your clients, the problems your client faces. The facts and figures can be about anything, but the caveat is that is has to be remotely interesting for your recipient.  Let’s say for example that you sell pens and one of the longest lasting pens you have, has enough ink for 5 years, then that is worthy of note and a fun fact, sharing the fact that Ken from accounts likes Scuba diving… not so much 🙂


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