The Do As You Say Effect

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What is it?

The Do as You Say Effect is all about keeping your promises and keeping your word.

Why does it work?

It can be all too easy in conversation to offer to do something and to then forget it. If you commit to doing something and then don’t follow through it can be damaging to not just the opportunity, but your reputation and your relationship. You have to embody the notion that your word is stronger than oak and that when you say something you do it. No questions.

We’ve all met people who have offered to help us or do things for us and nothing has come of it – we think poorly of that person and treat them differently, fearing the same disappointment will happen again. The same will be true for you and the people you interact with if you renege on your word and commitments.


How can you use it?

If you really want to lose the sale, then make offers and commitments that you couldn’t possibly keep . The moment you don’t follow through on your word, you’ll put everything at risk.


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