The Education Effect

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What is it?

The Education Effect is when you are able to change your potential buyer’s thinking by educating them in some way.


Why does it work?

It works because once we learn something new, or understand something we already know in a new way it creates intrigue, insight and has the ability to engage us in a new way. In the same way the Von Restorff Effect describes that things in bold stand out, the same is true of unique or intriguing ideas and information.

New ideas and information stand out – especially those that positively challenge our thinking and educate us.


How can you use it?

Can you get “back to basics” when talking about “how” your offering works or how the needs of your buyers work? You may find that by covering areas you presume your buyers know, you will be providing new information and educating them in some way.

Can you include “how to” style content in your marketing, or perhaps explain “why” certain things occur for your buyers with their specific needs?


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