The Identity Effect

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What is it?

The Identity Effect looks at grouping buyers together and naming them as a means of creating an identity such as “Beliebers” or “Swifties”. Full list here.


Why does it work?

If works because as humans we seek to align ourselves to a group (or tribe). If we share a love for Justin Bieber and can recognise others who do so it creates a community and sense of cohesion that simply wouldn’t exist if there was no name for it.

This is the power of naming things. We only name things of value and significance so if there is a term for your buyers or fans to use then it not only provides the tribal element, it also implies great value and significance.

Having a name for your buyers and fans is a form of branding. When you think of GAP or NIKE or Apple you feel and think certain things. The same is true here – aligning your identity to being a “KatyCat” is no different to being a “MAC” person instead of a P.C person.


How can you use it?

Identities are used for fans of popstars in the main, it’s not something that can be applied to every business, but it’s something to experiment with. Think about the end result you offer, the positive emotions and feelings you achieve and the name of your business. You can use this list for inspiration.

As for people that follow Clear Sales Message? I think we’ll call them “Messengers“.


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