The Jingle Effect

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What is it?

A jingle is a catchy noise, tune or song used as an audible logo to make your company / offering more memorable.


Why does it work?

It works because some songs and jingles are created to be deliberately catchy and memorable. You will likely still know some advertising jingles now that you first heard in your childhood.

It mostly works because despite their effectiveness, there are relatively few jingles out there being used. This means that creating a catchy jingle and sharing it is a great way to be remembered by clients.


How can you use it?

If appropriate to your offering, you can create a jingle by first focussing on the main message you want to get across. You can then write lyrics that convey the message using various techniques such as rhyming, alliteration and repetition. The key to creating a successful jingle is something that is short, catchy and makes you think of the offering it relates to.


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