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What is The Next Steps Effect?

The Next Steps Effect is all about making it as easy and obvious as possible for your clients to buy from you by pointing out the “next steps” they need to take.

Why does The Next Steps Effect work?

It works because not only are you making things easier for your potential buyer and harnessing the path of least resistance, you’re also eliminating some of the potential risk and unknowns by making it clear what will follow and what to expect. If you don’t make it obvious how to buy from you or how your onboarding process works, then you’ll be left missing out on sales or incurring some friction and client questions which could so easily be avoided.


How can you use it?

If it’s relevant and appropriate for your offering, collate the “next steps” required to buy from you and then ensure this is shared on proposals/quotations and in correspondence with potential buyers.


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