The Personification Effect

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What is it?

The Personification Effect is where a fictional character is used or something inanimate is personified to create a recognisable character.


Why does it work?

It works because when something is personified, it alters how we interact with it. You will feel very differently about a Dyson vacuum cleaner than a Henry Hoover, because not only does the Henry Hoover have a name it has a face.


How can you use it?

There are two ways to put this to use. The first is to create a fictional character for your offering (think Ronald McDonald). The second way is to personify something inanimate (such as Henry Hoover). The question to answer is – is it possible/appropriate to create name part of your offering and create a character? Would this enhance engagement for your potential clients or would it alienate them?

You can also use a cartoon version of yourself as I do on my YouTube Channel 🙂


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