The Responsibly Sourced Effect

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What is it?

The Responsibly Sourced Effect is all about protecting your suppliers and being responsible about the resources you use to produce your offering.


Why does it work?

This goes beyond simply being environmentally friendly. This is about issues of Fair Trade and the conditions that your staff and suppliers work under. If you can demonstrate that you are a fair and responsible company who do right by those they deal with, it’s an attractive proposition for your buyers as we become more and more aware of the impact we have in the world.


How can you use it?

Look at your suppliers, your office, the materials you use and every “resource” that goes in to your offering. How could you operate in a more responsible way? Could you ensure you pay fair prices to suppliers, offset your C02 or provide benefits to your employees to make their worklife more enjoyable. Whatever you do, being seen as a responsible (caring) seller can only be a good thing for you and your brand.


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