Confidence. Certainty. Expertise.

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What is it?

As buyers, we are looking for three things from the person selling to us. We need to see that they are confident in the delivery of their offering and that they are certain they can solve our problem or meet our need. Finally we need to be reassured that they are the expert – they have the knowledge, contacts and experience to make it all happen – it’s not their first time.


Why does it work?

It works because as buyers we are “in need”. Whether it’s solving a problem, meeting a need or changing something in our world – we are reaching out for “help” and as such we want the person helping us to be capable of doing so.


How can you use it?

When in conversation with a potential client, or in ANY form of communication with them you need to remember the 3 principles of Confidence, Certainty and Expertise – these are the “hidden” elements that are implied in your communications and not explicitly communicated.

Ask yourself if you are Confident, Certain and displaying expertise when you communicate – if you are missing even one element it could drastically change the direction of the conversation.


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