The Save for Later Effect

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What is it?

Sometimes when your buyer has filled out forms on your website or has progressed through your sales process… they need to stop because something else gets in the way. Having a mechanism to allow this can help save lost sales and ensure the buying experience is as convenient as it can be.

Why does it work?

It works because life gets in the way. Kids, wifi cutting out, meetings, calls, deadlines… sometimes you genuinely want to buy something but need to park it and if you aren’t given that option (especially on a website) you can lose time and energy you’ve spent filling out forms or configuring things.

How can you use it?

This works particularly well on a website and there are providers out there (such as SaleCylcle) who can help you tackle “cart abandonment” which is what this is, as well as use things like follow up offers to recover potential lost opportunities.

The main thing is to consider online or offline how you can make it easy for buyers to “park” things for a moment and then come back to them, (as well as recapture their interest if they “abandon”)

It’s more convenient, leads to more conversions and it’s still a very rare (and cool) thing to come across.


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