The SMS Advantage

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What is it?

When it comes to communicating with buyers and knowing they will see and open your message, nothing comes close to sending a text.


hy does it work?

It works because it’s a largely unused channel. Text messages, according to Gartner, have a 98% open rate which means whatever you send is very likely to be read. People carry their phone with them 24/7 so it’s a powerful way to reach people wherever and whenever they are. Whilst people might not have notifications or sounds enabled for new emails, text messages are far more likely to have sounds and notifications activated which increases the chance of being seen.


How can you use it?

We need to proceed with caution as being spammed by text can quickly annoy the recipient. The trick to using SMS is to do so with permission. If somsone consents to SMS then we can benefit from those incredible open rates, safe in the knowledge we aren’t causing any issues.


For potential new buyers – Use SMS to send information, have them opt in via SMS instead of email to your list.

For existing clients – Use SMS to send updates, useful information and reminders.


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