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What is it?

Unsolicited Advice is that moment when someone who is outreaching you offers to check or critique something for you even though you haven’t asked for it…

Why does it work?

It works to lose the sale because it borders on being both overly critical, potentially rude and applying unnecessary pressure to your buyer. If someone hasn’t asked for your advice, then merely offering it to them (whether they want it or not) can more often than not sour your interaction. Why? Because you will be pointing out where things have gone wrong and then asking for money to fix it(!)

How can you use it?

Unsolicited advice is pretty much best avoided as it’s so hard to use it without offending people. Rather than directly outreaching and critiquing people, could you instead produce a “best practise” guide to share with your prospects.  Rather than pointing out the flaws, you could offer to send a “6 common pitfalls to avoid” style resource that will have a similar effect, but leave the client feeling cared for and having received value – rather than offending them.


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