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What is it?

Remembering to be courteous and respectful of everyone you meet is an essential component to making the sale. If you want to sell, you have to be nice. There’s no way around it.

Why does it work

It works because if you want to sell to someone, they need to know, like and trust you. How many times have you decided not to buy from a particular place due to a poor past experience that stems from basic rudeness or lack of courtesy?

Your clients’ emotions trump their logic so it makes sense that you treat everyone as well as you can. Your reputation is a fragile thing and the slightest negative feedback can undo a lot of good work (and cost you the sale).

How can you use it

Sounds simple, but remembering to be nice and courteous to everyone you meet – prospect, client, suppliers, will put you in the best position to succeed. If you get angry, riled or lash out then you can damage your reputation and the chances of selling (even if you are “in the right”).

Remember: Above all else. Be nice.


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