Your clients know how you feel



I’m not too much of a hippy, but as time goes on I am more and more convinced of energy transfer and that there’s definitely “something going on” when you talk to people in terms of how you feel.

When communicating with anyone on the phone or in person, they are looking for 3 things – Confidence, Certainty, and Expertise.

Most people are expert at what they do (or they should be) and are certain they can get you the result they are offering you, but it’s the confidence of that delivery that can change everything. (And it’s that confidence or lack thereof, that is transferred as energy.)

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If you don’t communicate confidently then a couple of things happen to me as a potential buyer…

Firstly, if you can’t confidently talk about what you do, I don’t think you have poor communication skills, I perceive that you can’t do what you do. It’s seldom the case that you lack the skills to deliver your offering, but often the case that you lack confidence when talking about it.

Either way, as a buyer I understand your unclear communication or lack of confidence as a warning sign of lack of ability.

Have you ever been around a happy person and felt better?

Or, more likely, have you been around a negative person who drained your energy?

Well, this is a real thing and it’s called emotional contagion:

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Why is this important in a selling conversation?

If you are confident. Your clients will resonate that confidence.

If you are unsure. Your clients will resonate that lack of belief.

The importance of your state and your energy in a selling conversation cannot be understated. It can literally make or break the interaction as something either “doesn’t feel right” or “feels like the right choice.”

You want your clients to be confident in you and your offering, but that all starts with YOU being confident in yourself and your offering.

So how can you be more confident?

It all comes down to preparation. Your clients can only ask a certain number of questions or have a certain number of needs, so by preparing for those you ensure you feel more confident as you literally have “an answer for everything”.

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Once you’ve prepared for the potential questions, you can increase your confidence further by understanding your buyer.

Knowing who buys from you, what they are buying and why will give you a further confidence boost as you can be specific about who you need to speak with and who you don’t. You remove the mystery element.

Even just knowing the trigger point – the “thing” that causes your clients to act makes a huge difference.

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So there you have it.

Your clients know how you feel and they reflect it back. If you want your clients to have confidence in you, then you need to have confidence in yourself and you can achieve this by preparing for common questions and understanding who your buyer is and what they are “really” buying and why.

Above all else; Be clear. Be confident. Be yourself.

Are you an “I’m not a salesperson” person?

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