The Trigger Point

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What is it?

The Trigger Point is the circumstance that drives your client to need your offering.


Why does it work?

It works because most businesses understand their avatar; the ideal client they are seeking but very few understand when they need their ideal client. It makes sense that you speak to the right person at the right time to maximise your chance of making the sale. By identifying the trigger point you ensure that you are speaking with the client at the moment they need your offering.


How can you use it?

Look at your current and past clients and try to identify the circumstances they experienced just before making a purchase. Look for patterns and commonalities to create a blueprint of characteristics to help you identify future clients at precisely the right moment. Trigger points can be a definitive date in the calendar such as 31st January, an event such as a birth, death or marriage, it can be a lack of, or an abundance of something – or finally, a trigger can be an emotion.

Examples of trigger points:

  • A feeling / emotion – Feeling scared / wanting to feel proud
  • A specific behaviour – If you pick your fingernails…
  • A specific saying or thought – If you don’t think you can sell..
  • Not enough of something – Need a hair transplant (not enough hair!)
  • Too much of something – Need a haircut (too much hair!)
  • A date– Christmas, 31st Jan for tax returns.
  • An event – birth / marriage / death / new business



This advert highlights an ideal trigger point – having an unengaged email list. That question could you ask your potential buyer which would along the same lines?


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