Bad Automation

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What is it?

Bad Automation occurs when your buyer is left feeling unimportant and like just another number in your spreadsheet of buyers and clients as a result of a failure in your automation.

Why does it work?

Automation is great. There are a LOT of cool things you can do to save time and energy.


When you use automation for interaction, you need to be EXTREMELY careful as it can be all too easy to make silly mistakes and talk to people without understanding the context of the conversation. Once someone realises they are in an automated exchange, it can be off-putting to the point of not just losing the sale, but getting a bad reputation too.



How can you use it?

If you want to make your buyers feel worthless and annoy them, then automate as much of your interaction with them as possible. If you want to do more damage you could even PRETEND that the automatic messages aren’t automatic, but being written by you in real time.


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