Bad Mouth Effect

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What is it?

Bad mouthing the competition – even if they are rubbish – is never a wise move.


Why does it work?

It works because if you bad mouth the competition, you are only really drawing attenton to them


How can you use it?

Quite simple – DON’T DO IT.

Even if the competition are terrible, don’t share your views with your potential buyer. it always comes across as insecurity/lack of strength.

What you CAN do though, is ask your potential  buyer what THEY think of the competition and, if they use the competition – ask them “is there anything you would change?” or “are they looking after you?” This is often enough to get someone else to complain about the competition and shed light on their faults whilst keeping your reputation in tact.



There is an ongoing beef (excuse the pun) between McDonalds. All this does really is advertise their competitor (!)


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