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What is it?

Whilst it’s exciting to have large clients who pay a lot for your products/services – if you become overly reliant on a big client your busniess is at risk.


Why does it work?

If at any point the relationship you have with your big client sours or something changes, you could face the big impact of them taking all of their business elsewhere. Even the most solid of relationships can change and breakdown over time – causing big problems as a result.


How can you use it?

You need to do three things here to protect yourself.

Firstly, ensure you have strong relationships with as many people as possible in the businesses that you work with.

Secondly, you can treat your bigger clients differently and give them a greater level of service to keep them happy.

Finally, you need to seek to replace their status as your largest client by finding new buyers and growing existing accounts. Nothing stays the same for long…




In the UK, there was a long relationship between FIFA and EA Sports that was successful for both parties. In 2023/2024 that relationship ended and , as a result FIFA 24 (the game) was never made, it became FC24 and experienced disappointing sales.



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