Buyer’s Remorse

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What is it?

Buyer’s remorse occurs when someone has made a purchase and nearly instantly regrets it.


Why does it work?

It works because at the moment of purchase (or just afterwards) the buyer needs reassurance that they made the right decision. If it takes too long for you to “deliver” what they have paid for, or there is an issue with communication, then they may regret their decision. Buyer’s Remorse can come from people being pushed into buying things and this is why having a relaxed selling style pays dividends – give your buyers the information and opportunity they need to make the best decision for themselves.


How can you use it?

From experience, buyers remorse comes down to two distinct factors:

Deliverable–  How soon could you provide your buyer with what they paid for? The longer it takes to “take delivery” to higher the risk of remorse.

Communication– How soon could you communicate with your buyer? This is where an onboarding process can work really well.


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