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What is it?

People use facts and figures to influence their buying behaviour – even if the facts and figures are from a dubious source or not verified. The mere existence of a fact can encourage a client to purchase.


Why does it work?

It works because we believe that facts and figures are generally trustworthy and come from a genuine source. We can abdicate the need to think or justify our actions if we know that xx% of people found a product to be useful or that xx% of situations call for XX product.


How can you use it?

Which genuine – and they must be genuine – facts and figures can you use to help promote your products and services? Could you find some existing research or conduct your own to create facts and figures that will help you to promote your offering?

For example 54% of businesses do not have a refined value proposition. source.



In this advert, Shopify are using facts and figures as well as FOMO to promote their offering.


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